Interview with Ed Baker, LBGT Endorsed Candidate for President

We here at LBGT selected to endorse Ed Baker for President in 2016. He has stated that he is not a member of any political party, secret society or the CIA. He has also stated it’s time to restore freedom. With that, we decided to conduct weekly interviews with Mr. Baker on the freedoms we hold dear, Ladies, Beer, Guns and Troops.

First question. Why are you running for President?

Mr. Baker: I believe that some of the qualities that I have are missing in the other candidates that will appear on your ballot. We need a leader that is in touch with and will represent the average American. I am not a member of any Political Party and don’t use words like "Liberal" "Conservative" "Moderate" "Left Wing" "Right Wing" to describe people. The other candidates on your ballot who have an "R" or a "D" next to their name are basically saying that they will represent this group of Americans and not this other group of Americans if elected. I am someone that can unite Americans rather than label them or look to find differences in them. Thank you again for including me. I hope to get to know the people who see this. I’m very serious about being an option for you to consider supporting that can win this election.

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One thought on “Interview with Ed Baker, LBGT Endorsed Candidate for President

  1. I’m very thankful for the endorsement as well the opportunity to have been interviewed and introduced to the LBGT audience. Anytime that someone has a question, comment or idea they would like to share with me I hope they will contact me directly. My email is and my cell phone is 971-998-7354 for a call or text. Thanks again!

    Edward L. Baker
    2016 Presidential Candidate
    Not a Member of any Political Party


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